Thursday, August 17, 2017

Off Grid PV System Upgrade

Finally I found the time to upgrade my off-grid system. As of today it consisted of;
for a total of 1080W STC.

I built a custom frame using 40mm galvanized iron pipe to support the panels.
The structure actually consisted of two parts;
  • One 6 meter long across my roof/property.
  • One 2 meter long across my house water tank.
The 6 meter structure has been installed 1.5 meters high (enough for me to walk under), supported on bricks (filled in with concrete to add more weight) and anchored to the building using chains.

The picture below is showing the new installed panels, photo taken from the side

Picture of the installed panels, photo taken from underneath the panels.

Left sided panels, installed just above the solar water heater panels.

The structure has been installed on filled in brick blocks and anchored to the building.

The new panels have been installed between the grid-tie panels and the 10 year old smaller Sharp Panels installed on poles.

The below is the structure installed on the house roof tank. The roof tank is itself a concrete built tank.

Therefore in total I have installed;
  • 6 x 150W from solartronics for the 24v system for a total of 900W STC.
  • 1 x 150W from solartronics for the 12v system.
Summing up,
12v system = 200W
24v system = 1980W

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