Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Product Review - LED Bulbs. Beware of false claims

LED Bulb spec:

MR16-xW4 White 4Watt LED bulb GX5.3 base MR16 bulb with Three 1.3 Watt Nichia LEDs 12 Volt AC/DC, 100/120 lumen, 60 degree beam patternSelect Color Temperature.

I bought these LEDS and I'm totally disappointed by their performance! They can’t be compared or matched to the normal halogen lamp. Four MR16-xW4 LED bulbs won’t even make enough light to match one 35W halogen lamp when on the supplier's web site, it clearly stated that one of these LED bulbs can replace a 40+Watt halogen bulb.... BULLSHIT!!!!