Friday, August 28, 2015

13 Amp 2 Gang Double Switched Socket c/w USB

Product Review - 13 Amp 2 Gang Double Switched Socket c/w USB

I bought a couple of these 13 Amp 2 Gang Double Switched Socket c/w USB from TLC Direct some time ago.

I have tried charging mobiles, wireless headphones, tablets and mp3 players with success! These devices do work well. Since the output is limited to 2.1amps, it means that only 1 amp is available per USB port. That's fine for mobiles, headphones and mp3 players however the tablets will take longer to charge due to the smaller charging current.

These Sockets are really cool. You won't be wasting a 13amp outlet for a charger anymore!

Monday, August 3, 2015

The Electric vehicle arrived!

Finally the much awaited Electric vehicle (EV) Arrived. I Obviously went for the Mitsubishi iMiev which I bought from Mitsubishi Motors.
Having thoroughly tested the car for 8 weeks last year as part of  an EU Demo program, funded by the EU, (Demonstration of the Feasibility of Electric Vehicles towards Climate Change Mitigation) Project no. LIFE10/ENV/MT/088), it was the natural electric car for me to buy.

I had blogged about my 8 week experience here.

I have also linked to the Mitsubishi Motors website for a list of the car's features and characteristics.

The EV has been in service for almost a month now and I have started gathering some real-life data here.