Thursday, April 20, 2023

Battery Monitoring System

One of the first tasks I assigned myself on purchasing the yacht was to install a battery monitoring system. After some research I opted for the Victron BMV-712 Smart monitor. This model has Bluetooth built in which is a huge benefit considering that you can access the monitored data from the comfort of the mobile.

I have installed the 500amp shunt just next to the batteries, keeping the wires as short as possible. I have used 70mm wire (as what has been initially installed by the manufacturer).

The Smart monitor display has been installed on the chart table. I located an empty surface and installed some other stuff as well (as seen below). 
    - DC Battery monitoring system
    - AC Monitoring system
    - USB Ports
    - AC Power Ports

The datasheet for the Smart monitor can be downloaded from here

I'm also attaching a Current Cable Rating chart which I found online for reference.

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