EV Data

Some basic statistics on the EV...

Distance Traveled


I'm assuming that I have bought all the EV Power from the grid at 0.11 Euros per KWH (which i didn't in actual fact. All power is coming from SOLAR!)

The last graph is displaying the relationship between;
  • The average KM / KWH
  • The % AC/Heater (Air Conditioner Or  Car Heater/Seat Heaters/Demister) Usage. (I calculate this % figure by averaging the time the AC or Heaters has been switched ON).
  • The atmospheric temperature.
The last two indicators will effect the performance of the car and therefore the total KM . 

Car was bought in July 2015
Total Traveled (KM) = 64,456.52 KM 
Total Consumption (KWH) = 9275.15 KWH
Total Cost (Euros) = 1020.26 Euros
KM/Euro = 63.17 KM Per Euro

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