Monday, July 10, 2017

Trojan 6v T-105 Deep-Cycle Flooded

The 12v system batteries have been replaced with 2 x 6v Trojan Batteries rated 225 Amp-Hours at the 20-HR Rate. Details about these batteries can be found on the Trojan website or here 

The batteries have been installed in the battery box to 
1) Eliminate any accidental contact with the terminals. A short circuit on the terminals can easily promote a fire. If a metal object drops on the terminals, a huge current will pass through it. In a matter of seconds the metal object will get so hot that it would be impossible to remove, it may even weld itself to the terminal blocks. This huge current will cause a huge sudden discharge during which the batteries will get hot and may explode.
2) Deep cycle batteries tend to gas heavily during charging. This gas is highly explosive and a spark can easily ignite the gas causing the batteries to explode. The battery box which I have installed is well vented so this possibility is further reduced.

These batteries will be charged using 2 panels.
thus a maximum of 17 amps charging can be reached during the day. A Schneider Xantrex C35 Charge Controller has been installed in 'Diversion Mode' to protect the batteries from overcharging.

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